Comscore Consumer Intelligence-for Local Markets: Powered by Consumer Orbit (CCI-Local)

Comscore, in conjunction with Consumer Orbit, announces the launch of Comscore Consumer Intelligence® - for Local (CCI-Local) powered by Consumer Orbit. This online Software as a Service (SaaS) product is developed by Consumer Orbit as a locally focused consumer-centric product for all advertising markets across the United States.
CCI-Local accesses the vast privacy compliant consumer shopping behavior databases of Consumer Orbit and combines with both the Television and Digital databases of Comscore. Consumer Orbit’s consumer shopping data is tabulated and then summarized at the zip code level allowing custom trading areas built on user-defined custom geographies, client-defined polygons or Consumer Orbit’s 30+ Master Category segmentations.

CCI-Local brings together the media measurement assets of Comscore, with the local market consumer databases of Consumer Orbit, to create an integrated dataset consisting of:

From Comscore:

  • Television viewership
  • Digital measurement
  • Mobile measurement
  • Website census measurement (over 50,000 websites reporting every transaction)

From Consumer Orbit:

  • Online product searches from millions of privacy compliant user actions a year summarized at the zip code level, reported daily for the previous day
  • A panel of millions of privacy compliant mobile device movements showing retail site visits summarized at the zip code level
  • A database of privacy compliant household characteristics within each zip code including:
    • Thousands of modeling variables, including social influence, motivations, household composition and lifestyle preferences
    • Households tagged with a specific segmentation code for each of the 30+ Master Categories
    • Orbit iQ® classification of households
    • Opportunity to integrate and tag client-provided custom segmentations so that you can look at your specific segment shopping and media behaviors

CCI-Local changes everything!

In an age where privacy compliant shopping and mobile data exists, along with privacy compliant media information within huge data sets, the time has come for local marketers and media sales organizations to access powerful data that until now has been the province of large national brands. CCI-Local lets National, Regional and Local brands know how to reach consumers where they are located through a combination of media that delivers both desirable reach and effective frequency of exposure.