Our Approach
Proprietary Data and a Patented Approach
Check out our unique view. The TotalView™

Consumer Orbit utilizes a patented behaviorally-based, non-personally identifiable (PII), process for integrating disparate datasets.

We are a leading aggregator of consumer behavior-based information and specialize in the analysis, prediction and near real-time tracking of consumer behavior at the household level. Using our TotalView™ database, we have the ability to identify target segments at any definable geographic level and build a common definition of the customer so that marketers, decision-makers and front-line associates have a clear understanding of their customers and behaviors.

Our team uses predictive algorithms that combine a wide variety of data including: product and brand preferences, television and print consumption, radio formats to online activities, mobile app use, sports and leisure, consumer sentiment, purchase behaviors and motivations, shopping preferences as well as hundreds of other actionable categories.

TotalView™ provides the foundation for understanding customer behavior, optimizing media plans and budgets and establishing the measurement and tracking of sales to drive business results.

Data-Driven Insights
Actionable Analytics

TotalView™ gives our clients near real-time insight into their customers using a proprietary mix of behavior, lifestyle, attitude and media consumption data that creates actionable insights that help drive sales.

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