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Consumer Orbit utilizes a patented behavioral, non-PII, process for integrating disparate datasets. We are a leading aggregator of consumer behavior-based information and specialize in the observation, prediction and near real-time tracking of consumer consumption at the household level. By activating our TotalView™ database, we have the ability to aggregate target segments at any definable geographic level and build a common definition of the customer uniting all decision-makers, analysts and partners of an organization.

The predictive algorithms we utilize include product categories to brands, television programs and print publications, radio formats to online activities, mobile app use, sports and leisure, consumer sentiment, purchase behaviors and motivations, shopping preferences as well as hundreds of other actionable categories. TotalView™ is used as the base for establishing the campaign measurement of sales, while also holding a critical eye on engagement and efficiency.

Eliminate Assumptions
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In more simple terms, TotalView™ provides near real-time animations of your customers and how they react to advertising, promotions and merchandising.
Activating TotalView™ can elevate success rates of advertising or promotions because it ensures that the people targeted are more likely to react or respond to the offer or experience.

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