At Consumer Orbit we use a patented approach to combining client data with our proprietary TotalView™ database that provides actionable insights and recommendations that deliver business results.

We create custom, task-based customer segmentations and models that are designed to address each client’s unique business challenges through a combination of data-driven customer insights and behavior-based recommendations. This approach – called tactical analytics – ties our analysis to specific, tangible recommendations that drive results.

Our Approach
63 trillion individual pieces of data.
And counting.

Product, Brand & Retailer Preferences

Media Preference & Usage

Sports & Leisure

Consumer Sentiment

Purchase Behavior

Our approach is specifically designed to identify customers based on their behavior so that marketers and other decision-makers can use analytics to make data-driven decisions that drive sales.

Budget Allocation
Omni-Channel Media Planning & Optimization
Channel Strategy
Creative Messaging
Geographic Expansion
Product Recommendations