The significance in understanding your customers and prospects through tactical analytics becomes apparent when you can place a value on the opportunity and turn it into action.

Tactical analytics have been embraced as the now of advertising and the future success of advertisers around the globe. Consumer Orbit pushes forward a philosophy of insight led by data, delivering strategic and meaningful solutions with a focus on accountability. Our statistical scientists specialize in the examination and prediction of consumption at the individual household level. We have established proprietary tools that create a reliance on knowing every possible data point about the consumer. This objective voice informs customer strategies, media plans and activation.

Our Approach
63 trillion individual pieces of data.
And counting.

Products, Brands, & Retailers

Media Preference & Usage

Sports & Leisure

Consumer Sentiment

Purchase Behaviors, Motivations, & Influence

Total customer satisfaction and improving product value is every company’s goal. Audiences and industries are dynamic in their needs and this often changes based on competition, social influence, lifestyles, and life events. This is why analytics are so crucial to business.

Budget Allocation
Media Planning
Channel Strategy
Identifying Trends