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Consumer Orbit
Drive Actionable Customer Insights with Privacy Compliant Behavioral and Transactional Data

Consumer Orbit, headquartered in Kansas City, with offices in Ft. Lauderdale, New York and Las Vegas, uses Privacy Compliant Behavioral and Transactional Data to help clients answer marketing and business questions about their customers.

Founded by a team of experts in data modeling, statistics, analytics, data and media, we work with clients to find data-driven answers to challenging business questions.

Through our patented approach to data integration, we turn privacy compliant behavioral and transactional data into action. We have combined the best available consumer behavior, attitude and media preference data with technology that allows us to create data-driven segmentations and analytics designed to solve each client’s unique business challenges.

The results are strategic, actionable and measurable, allowing clients to make informed decisions about things like media budget allocation, sales team alignment and product assortments at the market or store level.

We integrate our client’s customer data, transactions, supply-chain information, and market research intelligence with our proprietary TotalViewTM database of the American Consumer with thousands of attributes on over 120 million households (and 63 trillion individual pieces of data). While the process is patented, the results are pure magic.

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Experienced leaders delivering exceptional results.
Bill Engel
Executive Chairman

Recognized globally for his work in both market research and the application of transactions-based data to the consumer targeting process. Bill’s patents and work in the field of market research and combining disparate databases have broadly impacted the use of transactions-based data for decision-making. Served on the Boards of two public companies for over 8 years.

Jay Huckabay
President and CEO

Nationally respected for innovative leadership as a modeling statistician and creative problem solver across all communications channels. Jay has been instrumental in engineering insight-driven 1:1/direct marketing programs that inspire consumer loyalty for some of the country’s leading retail and financial service brands.

Staci Kassen

A strategist focused on accountability and customer insights, Staci has helped develop an innovative and custom analytics approach to audience measurement, user engagement, segmentation and cross-channel strategic media planning. She has the ability to integrate multiple media channels into an overall experience for the customer to connect with a brand.

Kristi Casey

Experienced in data analysis and interpretation of syndicated research tools, Kristi is responsible for data integration and developing the applications of the product outcome in the marketplace. She has worked extensively in the consumer research space with a lead role in the creation of the Hispanic Television Reach and Frequency model, generating the algorithms that drive the math.